Monday, December 1, 2014

Cash Is Safer Than Plastic Here (stickers)

available on the CafePress store

After posting Lesley Carhart's funny image a few weeks ago, I was inspired to approach things from a different angle. While Lesley's idea relied on retailers to operate on the honour system, it occurred to me that a more consumer-centric (and frankly more guerrilla) approach might actually wind up being workable, so I made a series of stickers that shoppers can stick on surfaces near point of sale terminals to help alert other shoppers to risks like those Lesley hoped retailers would inform us of.

As is the custom, now, I've put the design up on both CafePress (with 0% markup) and Zazzle (with the lowest markup they'll allow - 5%) just in case one site or the other decides they don't like my design. There are 4 designs in total, but more can certainly be added if anyone would like to propose another consumer warning.

Update: So it seems like the prices that CafePress and Zazzle offer for stickers may not be ideal if you're looking for large batches. In recognition of this I'm sharing the graphics (the PNG files and XCF file are in this shared folder) so that people can get stickers printed at the best price they can find AND potentially even customize or improve the design. Google+ user John Doe (nice) suggests PrintRunner and it does seem to have far better prices (and a number of options to help bring the price down), and I imagine it's just one of many such sites. If anyone does stick these things on or around POS terminals, do me a favour and send pictures.