Submit your own meme

do you have something funny you'd like to share? because i'd certainly like to see more people sharing funny security-related things here.

just submit your joke/idea/picture/video/whatever to with whatever you think should go with it. if you want your name or twitter handle to be included, please clearly state that in the email (i'll default to posting it as an anonymous submission otherwise). if you've got just a picture and would like a caption added to it, let me know what caption you'd like and i'll add it for you.

here's a simple checklist of things you might consider including (but only if you feel like it)

  • Title
  • Description (to appear below or above, your choice)
  • Full name attribution (and don't forget to tell me what that name is)
  • Twitter handle attribution (tell me the handle and i'll include a link to your profile)
  • Suggested image caption if you're submitting an image you think needs a caption
  • Anything else you can think of - but probably not links to your web page