Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Someone should get a refund

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Pretty sure the answer is no. Even if you argue that it was protected between the time it was leaked and the time it was cracked, that was only a couple of hours, and if it was that easy to crack then there was never really any meaningful protection there in the first place.

The war on math is fought on many fronts

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It's not just wishful thinking (and ridiculous demands) about secure crypto backdoors anymore. Now simply solving equations in public marks you as a suspicious character.

Monday, November 12, 2018

And their privacy will fly the coop

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Pretty sure birds won't be expected to pay for that bird house, so instead their data will be collected, analyzed, productized, and resold.

Now pull my other leg

found on the I've Been Mugged blog

They all say it, but it's all just talk. If they really took it seriously then a lot of the things they make sure won't happen again would have been addressed before, not after, so that it didn't happen the first time.

Friday, November 9, 2018

The government must love them

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While this article suggests that Cisco's patching of it's 7th back door in a year is a good thing, I can't help but suspect there are still more. Normally you think of backdoors as being a rare occurrence, but Cisco has clearly deviated from that norm and it makes me think that their backdoors are like rats - if you see 1, there are 20 more you don't know about.

Vesselin Bontchev comically observed that if your house had 7 backdoors there wouldn't be room for walls.

Maddox: How to tell if you're vulnerable to CIA hacking tools

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One of the signs not covered in the video - if your computer has a button on it with a power indicator, you're vulnerable.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

What a buzzkill

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Just another reason why it may still be better to get your weed the old fashioned way. Those folks have got more practice at keeping secrets.