Friday, October 15, 2021

Governor find the Internet

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Missouri Governor Mike Parson has decided that a journalist reporting a security flaw in a state website must be a hacker and that the paper that published the story did so to embarrass the state. I guess by making him open his mouth they succeeded. 

Don't always trust what's on the label

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This looks exactly like the kind of sign a lazy serial killer would leave by the body they wanted disposed of.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

"Suspicion", you're doing it wrong!

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It appears that Facebook Marketplace is a trash fire with too many scams and too little oversight. Banning people who volunteer their time and effort to help is just the tip of the iceberg.

Cat vs Bear

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

I think we all know that if the bear stood it's ground it would win in a fight against the cat. There's really no contest there, regardless of how chunky that particular cat may be. However, neither the cat nor the bear seem to understand the size difference between them, and by putting on a good show the cat managed to scare the bear off (the ground). 

Many deterrents have a similar element of bluff in them. Those beware of dog signs, for example, don't always have a corresponding attack dog nearby waiting to pounce.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

When it comes to protecting your data, this won't cut it

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While there is room for both physical security and logical security when protecting your data, this isn't how it's accomplished. If anything, this is going to make it harder to stop a remote attack because you'll no longer be able to see what's going on or effectively issue commands to thwart the attack. It won't do much against a physical attack either because they can just take the hard drive. 

Dueling Decoys

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Imagine the kind of statement this makes. Not only did the allied forces go to the trouble of producing a fake wooden bomb, they used real fuel to fly over and deliver it to it's target. They were so well informed about what the enemy was up to and so well prepared that they could afford to troll the enemy in such a demoralizing way. I bet this made the Germans think twice about using this tactic again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Homework could get a lot more secure

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Banning backpacks really doesn't seem like an effective countermeasure to prevent gun violence. If you try to ban everything that a student might hide a gun inside then pretty soon kids will have to come to school naked.

Camouflage Mailbox Cover

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I suppose this is one way to avoid bills, however avoiding bills might not be a great idea.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Woofie cushion

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There are so many ways camouflage can backfire, but this one isn't the dog's fault, it's the fault of the dog's owners. They should know better than to colour coordinate their pets and their furniture. I'm sure this is going to come back to bite them on the ass sooner or later.

"Privacy" settings

found on eBaum's World

If the microphone were actually disabled, it wouldn't be able to respond to your question by saying the microphone is disabled because it wouldn't have heard your question in the first place. 

If you have a device that does this, it's lying to you when it says it's disabled.