Friday, August 17, 2018

Are you feeling lucky, cypherpunk?

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They didn't, of course (the cops invent charges, not technologies), but crooks who underestimated the trace-ability of  bitcoins have gone to jail all the same.

'I didn't click anything this time'

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To be honest, I think kids are getting into computers so early these days that by 12 I wouldn't be surprised if they already knew better than to fall for this.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

We can't all be network administrators

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It's bad enough trying to keep your computer updated and secured. Can you imagine doing the same thing for your TV, refrigerator, toaster, kettle, light bulbs, vacuum cleaner, and personal assistant? Most people just want to be able to plug a thing in and have it work, they don't want to have to manage their home network in order to use those devices safely and most probably don't have the know-how to do it anyway.

When authorities warn the public of the need to do something the public is ill-equipped to do, they might as well be talking to a wall. The suggestion is not going to result in better outcomes.

Well, you're not wrong

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If anything happens to that sign, they will definitely know about it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

That's one way to stick it to the crooks

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What this incident illustrates is that technology can eventually become so old and unfamiliar that it becomes capable of thwarting attacks. It may not be more secure against attack but it's safer against attack simply because the pool of people who are able to successfully carry out the attack has become smaller.

I bet "who wants icecream?" would have worked

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People keep talking about eliminating passwords or the death of passwords but they never seem to anticipate the breadth of applications using passwords. It's not just websites, passwords are all over the place because they simple to implement, simple to understand, and simple to use.