Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The secret is right under your butt

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I imagine there's probably a repeating pattern, but it's not immediately obvious to me so it's fun to imagine there's an actual hidden message in there.

I Lost My Privacy And All I Got Was This Lousy Shirt

Product Page

Of course the irony here is that even when you lose your privacy you still don't actually get this lousy shirt. You have to pay for it with money.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Should have called it Leakr because you know what's going to happen

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Every social networking site in existence has suffered a data breach. The operators of Parler must be out to lunch if they think their site will be any different or that they can collect that piece of information and actually keep it safe.

Stealing your hypothetical money

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I'm sure you've seen something like this too many times. It's not always a ploy to get your social security number, mind you. Sometimes they want the street you grew up on, or your first pet's name, or some other piece of information that would allow them to pretend to be you and gain access to your accounts or your credit or something else of yours that has value.

Friday, July 3, 2020

It's tricky with politicians

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So many of them actually are criminals that it's hard to argue that the technology is wrong, but the key here is that they were misidentified as criminals rather than misclassified as criminals. They are crooks, but not the crooks the tech thinks they are.

How old is your password policy?

found on Jake Likes Onions

Those password requirements are getting a little long in the tooth and should probably be retired.

And as always for cartoon content, check out the creator's site, they have a lot more funny comics there

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Did someone use 2Girls1Cup as their password?

from here and here (source article)

Look, I know passwords are a big deal in security, I get it, but that statement, even with the context added:
“Passwords are one of the worst things on the internet,” Mark Risher, Google’s senior director for account security, identity, and abuse told The Verge. Though they’re essential for security and to help people log in to many apps and websites, “they’re one of the primary, if not the primary, ways that people actually end up getting compromised.”
That's  just not right. There is an ocean of malware out there. You can get it just by viewing a page with a malicious ad on it (something someone who works for the largest ad company on Earth should know all too well), or by clicking a link, or through email, or by any number of other means. There are many different kinds of compromise that people face and account compromise is just one small piece of the pie. The apparent lack of perspective in that quote is amazing.