Thursday, December 18, 2014

All We Want For Breachmas

All we want for Breachmas
is an APT,
an APT,
yeah, an APT!

Gee if we could only have
an APT,
then we could say
"It wasn't our fault"

Well, it looks like Sony's Breachmas wish came true. Not only did Kevin Mandia write them a 'get out of blame, free' card, now the US government is playing along and blaming a nation state that can't even keep the lights on. I guess there won't be any big shake-ups at Sony (at least not because of the compromise itself, though the leaked email contents could still put someone out of a job).

Yes, Breachmas is a portmanteau of breach and Christmas, and the lyrics are a parody of the chorus from the following kid's song