Monday, July 15, 2013

secmeme on temporary hiatus

i'm sorry to have to do this, i know it won't do the site any good, but since this is still largely a one-man operation, and since i'm still cleaning up after a flood last week, the time that i would normally be dedicating to this site just doesn't seem to be available.

i tried to make up for the lack of internet at home last week by staying late at the office to queue up some scheduled posts, but the time i spend doing that is time that i'm not spending getting things back into order at home and i'd very much like to go back to sleeping in an actual bed at some point.

as such, i just can't make this my priority right now. there is still one post left in the queue. that's the last one for the time being. things should return to normal soon enough, though, maybe even by next week (i hope).