Thursday, August 30, 2012

SQLi Name Tag revamped

do you remember when i made that SQL injection name tag merchandise and put it in the secmeme store? yeah, no, neither do i because i apparently forgot to post it here. it's just as well because the original version had a hardcoded name that only would have been useful to people named robert (it was a riff on one of randal munroe's most famous XKCD comics).

at any rate, in the process of playing around with the store, adding graphics, etc. i decided the SQLi Name Tag item needed to be revamped so that it might actually be useful to people who aren't named robert so here's the new design.
now you might be thinking that this is going to be useful to even fewer people than  the one i previously described, but in fact cafepress has a rather neat feature whereby you can set text objects as variables in designs that you create with their in-browser designer so when you're selecting an item to buy from this category you can change the person name as well as the name of the table that's getting dropped. so for example, one i might wear when i'm going up to a booth at a conference might look something like this

now, unfortunately the in-browser designer can only make square designs and those don't work so well on actual name tag stickers (which aren't square). that may be just as well since stickers are often sold in groups of 10 or 50 at cafepress, and you may very well not want them all to say exactly the same thing. so for this particular case i made a variation on the design meant to be written on when you use it.
the writable design is only available for stickers, while the cafepress personalizable design is available in a variety of shirts and some buttons.