Monday, August 6, 2012

security isn't my job, it's my lifestyle

security isn't my job, it's my lifestyle

i considered this as a possible catch phrase some time ago as the result of a deductive exercise, because security really isn't part of my job description at all, and my interest in it dates back to primary school. that didn't seem like something a lot of people would be able to relate to, though, so i filed this away until i could find a way to use it.

but @chort came up with an excellent analogy to making healthy lifestyle choices, and the commitment and willingness to change behaviour (as well as our tendency to look for easy fixes that don't require work and consequently don't work) is a great fit for security and gives this phrase a meaning a lot more people can grab hold of.

for the really good security professionals, security isn't just their job, it is part of their lifestyle - and for the ordinary people who haven't made that lifestyle choice yet, framing it this way gives them a more realistic idea of what it takes to be secure.