Tuesday, May 8, 2012

please place your bombs under your seats or in the overhead storage

from here (source image)

the thought occurs that if turning on electronic devices on planes was really a seriously problem then the flight crew wouldn't simply ask nicely that you turn them off, the devices would be on the list of contraband and they'd be taken away from you before you ever got on the plane.


Anonymous said...

Or they would scan the fuselage before takeoff and locate any device still causing interference and escort the owner off the plane.
It is the dumbest rule just after the no liquids in containers larger than 100ml

Anonymous said...

When you consider that most smart phones have the capability to intrude upon any computer that gets within a few yards of it... Might this be a preventive measure until the airplanes have all of their technology properly sheilded and secured. Their is no protection from a targeted intrusion on the ground or in the air. So in the air, they want the devices powered down just in case.

Anonymous said...

You're allowed to use the devices once you are in flight so if you could crash a plane with your iPhone, you'd just have to wait until you hit cruising altitude to do so. As the original post says, if an mp3 player, smartphone, tablet, etc. could crash or seriously interfere with a plane they wouldn't allow them anywhere near the planes.