Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the flame that burns twice as bright...

... burns half as long.

i don't always make so many posts about the same topic, but when i do... they're good ones. this one is to call attention to and show appreciation for the fact that i am actually not the only one who contributes to the "culture of security" with actual culture (as opposed to security, which lots of people contribute).

bob rudis has made a song parody immortalizing the flame worm and it's just about perfect except for 2 things. 1) like my own parodies, it lacks an actual recording of someone singing it
2) what one might expect from a culture of security, and what i can't easily add to my own contributions but what i can add to the contributions of others is fault tolerance through redundancy.

redundancy is of course one of the core principles behind backups, and i like to create backups of great stuff like this because all too often i've seen it vanish from the face of the web. but the thing about backups is that if you can't restore from them then they aren't very useful, so go and check his original and play spot the difference to see if there's anything amiss with this copy (maybe something accidental, maybe something sneaky, maybe something just because i apparently can't use <p>).

(Sing to the tune of “Fame – Remember My name” …
Here’s some YouTube background music)

They’ve been lookin’ at me, but they never did see—
no, no trace of me did they detect;
Gave me time to collect all the data at rest.
I’ve got so much in me: LUA, zlib & sqlite3–
I can infect the USB in your hand. Don’t you know who I am?
Remember my name [FLAME]

I’ve been around forever. Capturing packets on the fly. [HIGH]
My botnet is comin’ together. When researchers see me they’ll cry. [FLAME]
I even infected Lebanon. Lit up the Middle East with my FLAME. [FLAME]
I’ve been around forever. They will remember my name.


I’m not packed up too tight (I take up 20 megabytes).
With no kill date, I’ll never stop.
Give me your mic and I’ll take all you’ve got to give.
Finding me will be tough. Too much (you’ll say ‘enough’!)
I can ride your net but not break (it). Yeah, I got what it takes.


I’ve been around forever. Capturing packets on the fly. [HIGH]
My botnet is comin’ together. When researchers see me they’ll cry. [FLAME]
I even infected Lebanon. Lit up the Middle East with my FLAME. [FLAME]
I’ve been around forever. They will remember my name.