Thursday, April 5, 2012

may not prevent malware

store section

i was originally inspired to do this by this tweet by quentyn taylor

before anyone gets any bright ideas to accuse me of trying to gleefully rub mac fanboys' noses in the news of the recent mac botnet or of displaying schadenfreude, you folks can just bite me. i have been trying to warn people that the faux-invulnerability of macs were going to bite them on the ass for years - and since the risk has clearly increased, so too should the effort put into getting the message across that using a mac doesn't make you safe from malware.

also, i'm not profiting off the misery of others - as always, my markup is $0.

(hopefully my hand drawn apple is different enough from the apple logo that cafepress doesn't bring down the ban-hammer on it - they police that sort of thing y'know)

(update: already banned. thanks for nothing cafepress. oh well, i'll keep trying.)
(update 2: unbanned after an exchange with their intellectual property police. they were reasonable. this time)
(update 3: added stickers to this store category by request in the comments - see how easy that is?)


Cristián Rojas "Injeniero Barsa™" said...

Stickers! Must have stickers!

kurt wismer said...

stickers added. enjoy