Wednesday, April 25, 2012

another view of anonymous

found on hijinks ensue

this, i think, captures a perspective that isn't often discussed in security circles. one that is perhaps more prevalent outside of the security community. people are (or were, when this webcomic was fresh) afraid of anonymous. they're afraid to say or do the wrong thing. anonymous seems to have power people don't understand and that makes them scared.

but here's a hint: it's not magical, it's not supernatural, and it's not something that was bestowed upon them. the power anonymous wields is just the power of people. what anonymous does is what any group of sufficiently motivated people can do.

(and yes, i know the image is small enough that it's hard to read the text bubbles. the full sized image is too big to fit here, and you really want to visit the source site for the context anyways because not everyone will remember that old-time episode of the twilight zone)