Friday, March 16, 2012

social networking profiles

from here

if someone is caught compiling detailed profiles on people in order to better manipulate their purchasing decisions, not only are those profiles error prone but the entire practice is generally considered creepy and kind of evil (in a big brother sort of way).

but if they give people the opportunity to build those same sorts of profiles about themselves with the (rather empty) promise that it will help them connect with people then nobody seems to pay attention to how that profile data will be abused.

giving things (or services) away seem to stop people from considering you as a potential adversary. no wonder it figures so prominently in con artist scams.


Anonymous said...

“to better manipulate their purchasing decisions”

Wat? Do you think profiling is used to manipulate?

Retailers, such as, oh, let's say… Target, don't profile their customers to manipulate *what*… they profile customers so they can offer them sales and coupons that influence *where* they buy from.

kurt wismer said...

"where you buy" is as much a purchasing decision as "what you buy".