Friday, March 30, 2012

the malware invasion game

if you've got a long enough memory you'll probably notice that i posted about this video last year. however, what i failed to realize at the time was that that was just the introductory sequence to a web-based video game made by panda called the malware invasion.

the game has 2 levels. the first involves intercepting various threats from various vectors before they get into your PC, but as the volume of incoming materials increase you'll probably find you rely more and more on the magic anti-virus button rather than being able to intercept the threats on your own.

the second level is more of a timed quiz where you're asked whether a variety of scenarios are safe or not - prompting you to think about when and how much you should trust during your day to day computer use.

at the end of the day/game, of course, they're still trying to move product. panda is a security vendor, that's what they do. that doesn't mean this little bit of edu-tainment can't still be an interesting and enlightening diversion, though.