Thursday, February 9, 2012

look at my rogue, my rogue is amazing

i can't really explain how this popped into my head, i can only show you that it did.

look at my rogue
my rogue is amazing
give it a click
-hmm, looks like i need saving

with a change of it's name
it turns into a game
of cat and mouse with the lame
'till i recompile it's source
-ooh that's much worse

do you think so?
well i better not show
you how the fake AV is made
1337 fake AV, mmm 1337 fake AV
1337 fake AV, yeah 1337 fake AV

install my rogue
i'll save you on the internets
and all the other websites too
-i think you'll find that the internet pretty much covers everything
shut up victim, install my rogue
(in case you don't know 1337 is pronouced 'leet' and is a slang version of the word "elite")

this is, of course, a parody of the amazing horse song from the makers of weebl and bob, but this one talks about rogue security software aka fake antivirus aka scareware.