Wednesday, February 22, 2012


from here (image source, inspiration)

there's a term that gets bandied about in some security circles - cyber-douchery. the coining of this new and decidedly scaremongering sort of term really seems to qualify as cyber-douchery.

that's not to say the topic of SCADA vulnerability to attack isn't real or isn't scary, it is, but cyber hiroshima? really? there's no need to evoke irrational responses from your audience.


David Frier said...

Au contraire: there very much IS a need to evoke irrational responses when the RATIONAL response is, "Meh."

kurt wismer said...

sorry, but the best case scenario with what you're talking about is that you impose your will on others using fear-based manipulation.

the only way their RATIONAL, LOGICAL response should differ from ones own is if they're basing their conclusions on different criteria than you are - generally because you know something they don't. the solution to that should be to impart more of your knowledge onto them, not resort to fear-mongering.

David Frier said...

I did not realize that <sarcasm> and </sarcasm> tags were necessary here.

My bad.

kurt wismer said...

sorry for not catching on. text-based communications are rather notorious for not conveying such information without help however. sarcasm is often given away not by the words you use but the way you say them.