Monday, August 31, 2020

It's a trap!

found on Art Of Trolling

If you see emails like this, don't click the provided link. It's absolutely not legit. Take a look at the email address(es) for one thing. Also it follows all the classic patterns for a phishing scam - it's vague, it generates a sense of urgency by telling you your account is going to be deleted, and it tells you to log in with the link provided and enter more information in order to prevent that from happening. The link will go to a fake login page where they'll steal your username and password, and that extra information they want you to enter afterwards is to steal even more information, perhaps credit card information or answers to security questions so they can break into other accounts besides just your email - though once they get into your email account they can use the forgotten password feature for your other accounts to gain access to them because they'll mostly work by sending you codes and/or links to your email account that they now control.