Tuesday, September 3, 2019

RFID rings

Product Page

RFID implants can open doors and unlock devices, and unlike a key card they don't need to be carried around, can't get lost or forgotten, and are generally just more convenient.

Some people are OK with getting chipped like livestock, or a pet, or inventory in a warehouse). Others might balk at the idea, since it's traditionally used for things that don't have agency or autonomy - and if it's associated with your job then having a symbol of your employer invading your body may be troubling. There's also the matter of it's relative permanence not being able to reflect your changing wishes (not unlike the problems with recording sexual consent on the blockchain).

Well, it just so happens there's a way to get similar convenience in a more socially acceptable package. There are many different varieties and styles from many different manufacturers (the above is just an example from the folks at Adafruit), and they are far more removable than anything embedded inside your body.