Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Baddies are using our tools against us again

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One of the arguments in favour of intelligence agencies hoarding exploits is that we supposedly want them to have the information gathering capabilities those exploits give them. To gather information without these cyber capabilities would put spies at greater risk.

What should be clear now, with both WannaCry and NotPetya taking down hospitals (among other things) is that creating those cyber capabilities puts everyone else at greater risk. Is that really the trade-off we should be making? I thought the people who became spies did so with the understanding that they'd be taking risks in order to protect their country, Risking a few to protect the many seems logical, and those who volunteer for that should be lauded, but reversing that (risking the many to protect a few) is both illogical and a perversion of the intent of those who chose to serve their country.

(Thanks to Edward Snowden for pointing out that the NSA's exploit has now impacted some of the most vulnerable people in America - those in need of medical treatment)