Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Many Faces Of "There Is No Cloud"

"There is no cloud, just other people's computers" was a catch phrase I proposed 2 years ago in response to Graham Cluley's assertion that the reality of cloud computing was getting lost in the terminology and we might be better off if we replaced "the cloud" with "somebody else's computer". As you might expect, I take great interest in seeing where the meme goes. I stumbled across one set of stickers with the exact wording I used and later another sticker with a variation on the phrase that merges Graham's and my wording.

Recently I saw a tweet with a photo of someone wearing a shirt with that latter design on it and it was pretty neat, but the tweet got deleted, so I went to Google and guess what I found - nearly a dozen different designs. I couldn't be more pleased to share them
found on Zazzle

found on Free Software Foundation Europe

found on Society6

found on Amazon

found on Amazon

found on Spreadshirt

found on Spreadshirt

found on Red Bubble

found on Chummy Tees

found on Sexy Hackers

found on Cafe Press

Have I missed anything? Let me know, I'm always interested in seeing how far this meme has spread.


Anonymous said...

that's exactly like:
There is no drought here in the US, because all the water is now stock piled and bottled in warehouses being sold to you sheeple.

#FunFact: there is exactly the same amount of water on earth today as there was 7,000 years ago.

#FunFact: you never own beer, you only rent it.

Anonymous said...

#FunFact: There IS less water per capita.

Pete said...

> Anonymous Anonymous said...

> #FunFact: There IS less water per capita.

...er, right. There is also less native iridium per capita, and fewer volcanoes per capita. What's your point?

Anonymous said...

Well, Pete, the issue about water is that people use it, so when the same amount of water is shared between a larger number of people, each gets a smaller share. At some point, this can become limiting.