Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I # PASSWORDS Revisited

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A rather remarkable coincidence happened recently. Last week I was contacted by a reader who was interested in the I # PASSWORDS shirts but was disappointed that there were no polo or pocketed shirt options for the design. Unbeknownst to me at the time the original post was in the queue for reposting to social media this past weekend (I've been reposting old posts with images that had originally been posted to social media without images because posting without images really didn't do them justice).

So thanks to Adam Outler for the idea to alter the design to make a 2-line variant so that the # symbol can stay relatively large when scaled down to pocket size and (maybe) not lose the fine details within it (the words "work factor" are repeated over and over again inside the # symbol). I made certain to specifically put the design on a polo shirt and a pocketed t-shirt in my Zazzle store (which is inexplicably slow to update), and on a golf shirt in my CafePress store. As you can see above, I also put it on the simpler t-shirts as well.

I # PASSWORDS (2 Line) - Men's Polo Shirt
I # PASSWORDS (2 Line) - Men's Polo Shirt by secmeme
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(Updated to add the graphics applied to these shirts so that the reader can use them at sites other than CafePress and Zazzle, just in case you can find a better deal or find a shop that has a wider variety of garments)
normal graphic
graphic for dark shirts (the lettering is white, that's why you can't see it)