Friday, September 4, 2015

Unattended Laptop Warning Card

Do you ever find yourself staring at someone's unattended laptop in an airport lounge or coffee shop or someplace equally public (as Christopher Soghoian apparently did)? Why not give the owner a reason to think twice about leaving it unattended again. Leave one of these business cards beside it.

I tried to create this product at CafePress in addition to Zazzle, but CafePress doesn't seem to allow you to sell business cards. You can make your own business cards there but not sell them for whatever reason. I could have gone with greeting cards or something like that but then the unit price would have been a great deal more, which goes against my aims.

As is my custom, the mark-up is set to the lowest possible value, which is 5% on Zazzle. I'm not sure if $27 for a pack of 100 cards is good or bad but I'm sure if you know someplace cheaper you can have your own printed off there (maybe you can even get a smaller amount since 100 seems a bit like overkill for this application). I don't think I even need to provide the 'artwork' for this design, since it's just text.