Thursday, May 21, 2015

You Can't Come In Unless You Can Read

from here (source image)

Thanks to Ian McNaught for tweeting this picture of one of the least secure security code number pads I've ever seen. Would this even keep out the illiterate? Couldn't they just copy the numeric symbols in the note? I bet even lower primates could figure this one out with a little training.


Anonymous said...

this may be in an institution that has demented people who could wander out and not be able to return even if it was the next street

Anonymous said...

Yup. quite likely a memory care facility.

The bar, in this case, is that you have to have sufficient mental facilities to read the note, comprehend it, and punch in the numbers. And if you're in a memory care unit, you probably don't.

Another one I've seen is "Door code is the current 4 digit year."

It's surprisingly effective in those environments.