Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Whatever Happened To "Private Parts"?

from here (source image)

I don't know where to begin.

First: This is a real thing and if you google "outdoor urinal" you'll see a number of pictures of these.

Second: These are actually somewhat modest - many of the examples that google shows of this style are missing that little wrap-around part.

Third: No. Just NO! The insanity has to stop. It's bad enough there's no privacy at ordinary urinals, but at least those are in a dedicated room rather than out on display in the city streets. This trend towards public displays of male genitalia is something no one wants to see reach it's final horrifying conclusion. If you think you do want to see it, stop picturing some fantasy dude and imagine some wrinkly old fat guy because there's a lot more of those in the world. This is where the argument that "privacy is dead" eventually leads. We won't be calling them "private parts" for much longer if this keeps up.

Finally: Where do they wash their hands?