Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am the one who dox (merchandise)

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The terrific idea for this shirt came from a tweet by @Transpanik. If you're uncovering people's secrets and exposing the truth, this might just be up your alley. As usual for things I put up on CafePress, the mark-up is 0%. I don't want your money, I just want you to wear things that raise awareness of security/privacy concepts (and then you can explain doxing to people).

Update: Since CafePress has seen fit to take that design down, I once again have turned to Zazzle. They won't let me set the mark-up lower than 5%, but hopefully they'll at least leave the design up and not make nonsense claims about intellectual property infringement.

Update2: Now it appears that Zazzle thinks the design violates copyright as well. For the time being they've simply rejected the batch products I tried to create (but which never actually appeared). They may at some point make the connection between those and the single products I created (shown above) but for now those at least still seem to be available.

There's a limit to how much intellectual property bullshit I'm willing to tolerate, however. The text is not a quote from the TV show Breaking Bad, and the graphic was not copied, borrowed, or spliced together (I used GIMP's path tool and fill tool to make it). As such, here's the PNG file I uploaded to both services, so if you can't buy the Zazzle shirts anymore (or maybe you can find a cheaper place) you can upload the graphic and have your shirt made to order. Also, here's the XCF file for anyone who wants to modify it in GIMP to make something new (I'm considering changing the hat to a jester's cap and the text to "I am the one who mocks"). Consider it my parting "fuck you" to services who seem to think copyright extends beyond copying and apply it to such things as simply making reference to pop culture icons.