Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What if I told you security awareness was a contagion?

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So you don't think security awareness training works? Fine, I can concede that the concept of training imposes limitations on what can ultimately be accomplished, but that's specific to training. If you can imagine security awareness spreading from person to person like a contagious 'disease', I'm sure you'll realize it has the potential to reach more people than training could ever hope to.

That ultimately goes to the heart of what Security Memetics is all about. Some aspects of security awareness already spread from person to person by word of mouth or by people serving as examples for others (the classic monkey-see-monkey-do of memetic infection) - so imagine amplifying that effect, making more aspects spread that way, and making them spread more readily. If security awareness can spread like a contagious set of ideas, would you help it spread?