Friday, March 15, 2013

password key-per

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you might think this a security fail, but even bruce schneier suggests writing down your password on a slip of paper and putting it in your wallet.

the theory behind this is that writing your password down turns an information security problem into a physical security problem - the written down password becomes like a key for a door. when you write it a post-it note and stick it to your monitor, you've failed to account for the physical security problem, but if you keep it safely with you at all times, such as in your wallet, then it becomes as secure as your keys or credit cards or ID.

just in case schneier's suggestion is a little too nondescript, i designed this business card to be used to write passwords on. business cards are pretty much an ideal size for wallets, and just in case you forget about the physical security aspect of keeping this safe, it's got a big key image on it to remind you of the right way to think about it.

... and it costs 17 cents, which means (when you take shipping and handling into account) buying this on it's own is a waste. but maybe you can find something else (either at the secmeme cafepress store specifically or anywhere else on cafepress) to bundle it with. or maybe you can buy a bunch and hand them out to people who could really use them.