Monday, November 19, 2012

what security cameras also capture

so this presents an interesting conundrum. security cameras represent a trade-off - by giving up a little privacy we gain a tool that (in theory) can help put bad people in jail. but this video demonstrates that they capture heart warming moments as well. does that ability to capture such feel-good moments cancel out any of the invasive downside of the cameras, or does the fact that someone watched those moments, recorded them, and put them on the internet actually make this more invasive.

tell you what, imagine that stealing kisses scene at the beginning was 2 guys who are still in the closet. or imagine that it's a couple who are married .. but not to each other.

we should only be so lucky to have some of these heart warming moments in our own lives, but the ability to decide if, when, and with whom those moments are shared shouldn't be a matter of luck.