Wednesday, September 19, 2012

experts say the darnedest things

it's hard to believe so many of these things have actually been said by people who claim to be or are regarded as security experts. especially the 'i never use anti-virus and i never get viruses' one.


Hugo said...

not to sound like an expert but I have not had a virus without knowing it ever (been on the internet since 1994). I do run anti virus software and I do go to the more shady parts of the internet but I've always know when something was a virus before the anti virus software alerted me. And I've more than a few times had to disable the anti virus for some new software that the anti virus thought was a virus.
That said I would never recommend anyone uninstall their anti virus, I know what I know and I know I can recover anything (I also have multiple backups on-site and off-site and in the cloud) but for most people they only have one PC and wouldn't know how to do a fresh install.
Just saying that it is possible :)