Monday, July 23, 2012

why not metasploit?

from here

i'm of two minds about the email mikko hypponen received from an iranian scientist: on the one hand, if metasploit can really cause such problems then the folks behind stuxnet, duqu, and flame must be kicking themselves for having wasted so much money. on the other hand, doesn't rfc1855 have something to say about reposting personal correspondence? i hope the scientist wasn't violating any rules or policies by reaching out.


Anonymous said...

I figure there's a strong possibility the email itself is simply a troll.

kurt wismer said...

so people within the atomic energy organization of iran are trolling AV companies? (the f-secure folks confirmed the person was sending/receiving from within the AEOI)

Mikko Hypponen said...

Mikko here. I did not post anything to our blog without permission.

kurt wismer said...

glad to hear it. hopefully you'll hear from them again and be able to give us an update.