Wednesday, December 28, 2011

secmeme's got merch

never let it be said that i'm afraid to try new things. some time ago i started fiddling around with cafepress and i started to make some designs. first for shirts but then some other things too. what you see above is my first attempt. i put it on a bunch of clothes that you can check out and even buy here.

it occurs to me that shirts and other merchandise is actually a pretty good medium for catchphrase-type memes since it just takes one person to wear it and lots of people s/he encounter will be exposed to the phrase/meme.

there's no logo or anything pointing back to, mind you. i suppose i could have done something like that but i'm not trying to advertise the site.

furthermore, i've tried to make sure the mark-up is $0.00. that means i get no money from the sale of these items unless i missed something somewhere, and i might because $0 is not a default cafepress seems to endorse. i'm not looking to turn a profit (or even pay for the secmeme domain registration). what i want is for the items to be seen, and every extra penny someone has to pay is an extra reason not to buy and use the item and that's contrary to the whole exercise. no point in letting greed erect barriers to success.