Tuesday, June 21, 2011

password strength revealed

well, ok, nakedpassword.com doesn't directly reveal anything about password strength, but it can help people get a feel for what it takes to create a strong password. it's like a password strength meter (which are always a little iffy) with a focus on pubescent males (though i suppose there may be some ladies who get a kick out of it too).

i wouldn't suggest putting your real passwords into it, of course. not because it's necessarily untrustworthy, but i don't know for sure that it isn't a clever way to trick people into giving up their passwords.

what people should really take away from this is not how difficult it is to make a really strong password, but how difficult it would be to use such a password. today's demands for passwords are better served by password management software (both for creation and storage) than they are by the human brain.