Friday, May 20, 2011

R.A.M. #infosecbands

with this blog focusing on the intersection of security and memes, i think i'd be remiss if i didn't mention a meme that swept through the information security community on twitter today. if you do a search for #infosecbands (or just follow the link) you'll see what many of us were having fun with for at least part of the day.

if you can come up with a band name that both sounds similar to a real band (or musician) and has terms in it that make it sound like it was made up by someone in the infosec community then you should play along. a couple i came up with (though i'm probably not the only one) were checksum 41 (from sum 41), ping missile (from king missile of "detachable penis" fame), and the tragically HIPAA (from the tragically hip). i also saw ones like barry whitelisting (from barry white), malware manson (from marilyn manson), or green 0day (from green day).

[and the title of this post? think of the band R.E.M.]