Tuesday, March 1, 2011

strange bedfellows

from the inimitable XKCD

i think randall munroe has really struck on something here. why is a mob which relies on anonymity as it's defense against the authorities so interested in helping a group dedicated to revealing secrets? it's definitely peculiar.


Unknown said...

Not really. The privacy of private citizens is not the same thing as the alleged "right" of government -- run by criminals, as evidenced by many of the leaks -- to withhold information from the public or conduct diplomacy in secret. Put simply, the citizenry of various nations have a right to know what their governments are up to. We have no such equivalent "right" to know who is involved in Anonymous.

kurt wismer said...

wikileaks have made it clear that they do NOT limit themselves to revealing government secrets. they announced plans to target a large bank next.

it seems clear to me that they will target anyone or anything that wields power over people. guess what anonymous has been exercising recently - that's right, power.