Friday, September 10, 2010


i'll be adding @SecurityHumor to the 'Links To Other Media' list on the side bar here because, frankly, if there's one security twit who deserves to be linked here it's him/her(/it?). i don't even link to my own twitter account (i have a twitter account? shhhhh, don't tell anyone), but @SecurityHumor (as the username suggests) uses security topics (the new 'Here You Have' mass mailing worm being the topic used above) as grist for the comedy mill.

one of the theories i operate this site on is that by making security topics funny you make them more interesting, and by extension you make people think about them more. i don't mean thinking about security in the sense that people will weigh the security risks and make better choices and maybe even start following best practices - rather, simply that the security topics will enter their bubble of awareness (if only in a tangential way) and result in someone being more receptive to thinking about security on a deeper level. whether or not they actually do think about it on a deeper level is a different matter entirely.

oh and @SecurityHumor, consider this your #followfriday.