Wednesday, August 4, 2010

attention to detail fail

thanks to the folks at blogto for catching this one.

you can't have security without paying attention to details. details like the correct spelling of "Ontario" on this security card might not directly impact security, but it doesn't fill me with a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that this is how much attention to detail went into the 1 billion dollar security joke that was G20.


Simon Carr said...

We got three of them, and two of them had "Ontairo" on it. By the time I got mine they had settled with ON. Nice and easy I guess?

Second part that was annoying; from all reports they appeared to be just frickin' plastic cards. Open 'em up and they've got nothing in them. No fancy RFID, no mags, just pure plastic.

So anyone with easy access to a laserjet had full roam of the G20 zone, and they didn't even have to spell properly.