Wednesday, September 10, 2008

new(ish) meme: priceless

you may have noticed that the previous two visual gags posted were based on the same original screenshot... when i asked graham cluley how he felt about making it into a lolthreat i hadn't yet thought up a caption (in fact, i thought perhaps graham would suggest one)... as i deliberated on what to put in the caption i realized that the caption i really wanted to add wasn't a LOL caption at all, but a priceless one (if you haven't seen pictures riffing on that old mastercard 'priceless' commercial then you must have been living under a rock for several years)... there was an awful lot to work with in the original image (and it was already sort of LOLish), you see, and i didn't really think i could do it justice with just a LOL caption...

i'm still not sure which is funnier though, so i posted them both... what do you think? im in da man's intarwebz or priceless defacement?