Monday, January 22, 2018

Does this seem legit to you?

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As amazing as this sounds, Facebook plans to ask users to help it identify fake news.

How exactly are the people who were essentially targeted by social engineers supposed to know who the social engineers are? If people knew who the right news sources to trust were then Facebook wouldn't need to worry about fake news in the first place. This is, at best, fake effort by people who can't be arsed to actually think about the problem of their users being exploited for malicious purposes.

No they can't

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Just remember, whenever anyone says that the government can keep their secret access / backdoor / golden key / whatever they want to call it safe from the bad guys, the correct response is

Friday, January 19, 2018

Someone must really like to pay

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So a hospital that HAS backups still pays the ransom when they get ransomware because they don't think restoring from backups will be fast enough? (see story)

If your backups aren't good enough or fast enough then you're paying for something you can't use and should find a different solution. If your backups are just fine then you shouldn't need to pay the ransom. There is no good reason to pay for both, and in so doing fund the next wave of attacks by the ransomware purveyor.

Why have backups at all if not for emergencies?

Are you ready for 6 more years of this?

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Warrantless spying will be allowed to continue for at least 6 more years thanks to the efforts of your representatives in government. I'm sure the FBI will love the increase in encrypted communications as a result.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Are you ready for the full disk encryption challenge?

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With the cinnamon challenge, and now the Tide pod challenge, it's clear that people are willing to do things for no other reason than because they were challenged. So maybe that can be used as a way to practice better security... by issuing security challenges.

So you want to security destroy data

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I mean, if I had one of these at my disposal, I'd be securely destroying data all day long. Thermite would get me more involved too.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Throw another box onto the mining pool, it's getting chilly

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As a Canadian in winter this seems like it might be a great idea... until summer comes along. Maybe the bitcoins you mine can pay for the increased cost of air conditioning?